50 Ways To Help 100 People and Make a Difference

Here are 50 ways that you can help other people and make a difference. Do each of them twice and you will have helped at least 100 people (some of them help more than one person anyway!)

For obvious reasons, please just do number 39 once!

  1. Sponsor a child through Plan International. £12 a month.
  2. Support a microfinance initiative through Five Talents so someone in a developing country can start a business and help themselves out of poverty. A one-off donation of as little as £25 can help get a small enterprise off the ground.
  3. Write to someone on Death Row through Lifelines or Human Writes.
  4. Befriend a lonely, elderly person and visit them regularly through Age UK. You can even befriend someone on the phone!
  5. Just £100 can help someone buy a cooker or pay the bond on accommodation so someone homeless can get a room through Acts435.
  6. Sponsor a room for a homeless young person through Centrepoint.
  7. Just £60 would “twin” your loo with a much needed toilet in a developing country through Toilet Twinning. Or if you’re feeling really flush (flush – get it?) you can pay £240 for loos for a school block.
  8. Buy a pair of Toms shoes: a child in need will be given a pair of shoes too!
  9. Inspired by Call the Midwife? Deliver a baby with Unicef: for £23 you can provide all of the midwifery equipment necessary for the safe delivery of one baby. (A note to 40-something childless women like me: you don’t get to keep the baby!)
  10. Donate a suit to Dress for Success so that someone unemployed can have something to wear to that all-important job interview
  11. Buy a winterised tent for £71 and provide a home for a family that has lost theirs in a natural disaster through ChristianAid
  12. Help a child to go to school by donating a backpack through Mary’s Meals and filling it with pens, pencils, a notebook and even a spoon
  13. No ifs, no butts (sorry, another bad pun), give the famous Oxfam goat
  14. Lend (yes, that’s right, lend – you get it back) as little as $25 through Kiva to help someone with their farm or their business or just to get better housing
  15. Donate $250 through Smile Train so that a child can have surgery to correct their cleft lip and palate
  16. Donate a scholarship ($750) or a school uniform ($30) through Asante Africa enabling a child to attend school for a year
  17. Become a befriender with Barnado’s, supporting a young person leaving care
  18. Sponsor a puppy to train as a guide dog for £120 (or £4.33 a month)
  19. Recycle your old spectacles with Vision Aid Overseas and help the world to see.
  20. Make an “I Care” kit with a comb, toothbrush, shampoo, etc. for the homeless.
  21. Write a letter for Amnesty’s Write for Rights campaign
  22. Do something amazing give Blood
  23. Provide a waterpump for a whole community for just £360
  24. Be a good listener with the Samaritans
  25. Teach English to a refugee through your local Refugee Action group
  26. Help a disabled person to have a holiday through 3H Fund
  27. Don’t scrap your old banger – give it to charity through the Give-a-Car scheme
  28. Help a child to learn to read through Volunteer Reading Help
  29. Become an independent custody visitor and check on the standards in which people are held in custody
  30. Provide emotional support to someone who is terminally ill through Marie Curie
  31. Help an elderly person get online by donating your old PC  or becoming an AgeUK digital champion
  32. Join a Circle of Support and Accountability and help reduce sex offending
  33. Use your skills to make a playground for disabled children: KIDS is looking for professional painters, electricians, carpenters, architects, toy makers and plumbers
  34. Grow a keyhole garden in Africa for just £12 through Send-a-Cow. A keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden that recycles as it grows. Or £20 will send 4 chickens!
  35. Feeling adventurous: be part of a rescue team. Join Mountain Rescue through your local group   or Rescue someone from the sea with the RNLI
  36. Help an elderly person with their DIY – ask your local branch of Age Concern / AgeUK
  37. Help a disabled child learn to ride through Riding for the Disabled
  38. Vaccinate 50 children against measles
  39. Donate one of your kidneys
  40. Become a prison visitor
  41. Be an angel, a street angel, and make the streets of your town a safer place
  42. Mentor a disabled person through Scope and help them achieve their personal goals
  43. Support someone who’s just come out of hospital through the British Red Cross
  44. Buy a school in a box so 40 children can continue their education at a time of conflict
  45. Become a foster parent
  46. Be a mobile library! Bring books, CDs and DVDs to older people in their home through the WRVS
  47. Provide a beehive and help an African family have wax and honey to sell through Send-a-Cow
  48. Provide mosquito nets for five families so they’re free from malaria
  49. Part of a church? Start Acts435, Inn Churches or a Christians Against Poverty debt counselling centre in your church and reach out to loads of people
  50. Be a volunteer: find a charity that suits you in your local area through Do-It! http://www.do-it.org.uk

A word of caution: before giving time or money to any charity, check it out first. Make sure you cash is really going where it’s supposed to.


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  1. Tax Tiger says:

    Help a child to go to school by donating a backpack through Mary’s Meals and filling it with pens, pencils, a notebook and even a spoon

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